Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Initial Design Angst

When a client sets the bar high for design, specifically hiring me to create for them a space with architectural interest, I'm a bit anxious to hear their first response to see if I'm even close to their intent. Often times clients have an array of magazine cut-outs or printed images off Houzz depicting what they like even though it is hard to decipher exactly what about an image strikes them. These images can be contradictory in nature, or representing a very different scale project and therefore difficult to apply that idea to their specific space. Below are images of a master bathroom design that reflects the above challenge, and the clients response to these drawings (which reduced my angst very quickly).

"Rick, Thanks so much for the drawings.  What a fantastic start. You really were listening and have incorporated so many of the issues we discussed. "Seeing" it is SO helpful."

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merry Christmas From the Rooftops

We are currently framing a house and the crew thought it would be special treat for the owners to put a Christmas tree on the roof.

Here is the owners response when they saw it:
"WOW!I walked to the house  after 5pm tonight and saw our FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE at the new house.   Just LOVE IT!
WHAT A WONDERFUL AND FANTASTIC SURPRISE!  I TOOK PHOTOS TO ADD TO MY SCRAPBOOK AND TO SHOW BOB!   Bob LOVED the photos of this tremendous surprise.   We couldn't believe it!!!!
Tim drove by as I was leaving and said that Dick wanted to surprise us, well...........YOU DID!


We love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"