Thursday, October 15, 2015

Custom Home

The design process started with some internet plans and inspiration images, exhibiting the clients attraction to simple, clean lines yet also wanting a lodge type feel home. The 5 acres they owned was conducive to such a design, nestling the house far from the road at the intersection of the front field and rear woods. The end result was a collaboration between all parties involved and represents well the partnership between the owner, architect and craftsmen who brought the vision to life.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Country Chic Kitchen

It's always a pleasure working with the Merkle family. It truly brings to life our tag line, "our family helping yours, since 1978." For we have worked for the entire family, at multiple locations throughout the Cincinnati area, and multiple projects on the same house over the many years we've known this family. And every time it's been a pleasure.

Below are pictures of the most recent projects we completed for them. The remodel dramatically opened up the kitchen to the family room, informal and formal dining room, and assumed a previously unused room of the house, expanding the kitchen.




 We even made them a table (12' long) to fit there large family around during Sunday night supper.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"OK, I'm not going to cry..."

Those were the last words from Cheri as we walked out the door for the last time. She was used to seeing us nearly everyday for the past 3 months, becoming like family to her. Our tagline states, "Our family helping yours, since 1978." And its clients like Cheri that remind me of that truth.
Here are some pictures of the addition and remodel we did to her home, as well as some words from Cheri on the experience:

opened up and remodeled kitchen

"We've had quite a bit of experience with builders, with four remodels and one new build over the past 20 years. Without a doubt, Meyer Bros & Sons have been the best. They were the most dedicated and highest quality team we've had the pleasure to work with. We downsized to a three-bedroom ranch, then brought in Meyer Bros & Sons to design an addition with a new master suite, spa bath, and walk-in closet. The team also converted an existing bedroom to a laundry/mud room and remodeled the kitchen/living/dining area to an open concept space that is ideal for entertaining and family gatherings. Jeremy impressed us with his design ideas, timely updates, and positive responsiveness. Greg amazed us so many times with his project management and his ability to make/fix just about anything. The tile work was beautifully done. The custom cabinets, interior doors, refinshed floors, and trimwork showed creative craftsmanship and attention to detail. Even the painting and electrical work were far more than we expected. In the end, we felt like they gave us a brand new house with quality finishes and details. They certainly weren't our least expensive bid, but the end result is far beyond our expectations. Superior workmanship from really great people, and we couldn't be happier with the result. We hope to work with them again on a future project!"

laundry room/mud room
new bathroom
barn door
custom vanity
material details
bedroom addition

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bathroom Renovation

It's always nice to get an e-mail like this at the end of the project:
"THANK YOU! Your company and all your subcontractors did an incredible job, from your help with the design to the final touch-ups!  We are thrilled with the results and enjoy our new bathroom and the new kitchen every day! It was such a smooth process and I really appreciated that I always knew what the next steps were and who was coming when. Communication couldn’t have been better!We always felt that everything you proposed or did was in our best interest which was very relaxing 😊 You were flexible when we changed our mind and paid attention to details like moving the outlet for the phone in the kitchen.If we consider any other remodeling projects in the future, you will be the company we’ll contact - I keep the picture of the white kitchen you did …Once again: Thank you so much for everything!Rey"
 And here are pictures of the final result she was so happy about:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Project Pictures & Review

Remodeling older homes while maintaining there character is a passion and joy of ours. This particular residence located in Oakley was a good example of that transformation:

 entry after/before

dining after/before

family after/before

Not only was this a great project, we got to work for a great client. He was kind enough to offer a complete stranger, who was looking to hire our company, answers to some good, standard questions one should know before hiring any company. I thought I'd share these for any potential clients who would benefit from them as well.

1. Did your job come in according to budget?  Yes, with the exception of the work we added on after the agreement.
2. How often did the contractor come to your home?  Joe, the leader, was a constant presence.  We were not in the home for a majority of our renovation (as we lived in a rental property)
3. How often did the crew come to your home?  For first 8 weeks, daily.  After that point, as needed by each contractor contributing to the job.
4. If the contractor was not there, was there someone with the authority to answer your questions and make decisions?  Yes or they would call Joe or one of the other brothers
5. Were change orders in writing?  Via email, yes.
6. Did the job finish on time?  2 weeks late.
7. If not, why?  Delay in materials arriving from Italy.
8. How did the contractor leave the site at the end of the day?  Very well cleaned up and orderly to the point where we told them they didn’t have to spend so much time doing it!
9. Did you feel it was safe?  100%
10. Did the contractor obtain necessary permits?  Wasn’t required for our particular project...
11. What hours did the contractor work?  7:30am-4:30pm
12. Did the contractor have other jobs going at the same time that you know of? If so, did he or she have enough workers to cover both jobs?  Yes and Yes
13. Were you consulted about materials used?  Yes
14. Was the crew pleasant?  Every day
15. Did the work pass inspection?  Yes and if there were issues they handled them quickly
16. Were you given a clear idea of what the contractor was going to do for you?   Yes – the CAD drawing was very helpful.
17. Were the results what you expected?  Yes
18. Were you happy with the contractor's subcontractors?  Yes, they seemed to function as one unit so hard to tell difference between Meyer and them.
19. How big was your job, and what kind of work did the contractor do for you?  Nearly 100k job on a kitchen remodel, a 2nd heating/central cooling unit installation, and a myriad of home improvements. 
20. Would you work with this contractor again?  In a heartbeat.

Friday, March 6, 2015

It's Here: Stellar Cabinetry!

We are proud to announce our very own Stellar Cabinetry, a line of cabinetry we've been developing for several years now. What we've essentially done is branded the cabinetry we produce here at Meyer Brothers and Sons. We've done this primarily for 2 reasons:
1) to help our Meyer Brothers and Sons customers have organized resources (i.e. website, catalog, samples, etc) and a brand of cabinetry apart from our business. 
2) to expand our cabinetry business to clients who may just be looking for cabinets and not a remodeling company.
Please check out the website to learn more: